How does SEO help to rank blog on Google?

how SEO helps ranking in Google

Well In today’s digital world where almost everyone is blogging due to their various reasons such as creating an online revenue portfolio, building online authority, building an online audience, selling or reviewing services or products, promoting brands, etc.

Every blogger has their reasons to blog, so the question here rises how do they get organic traffic?

Optimizing Content according to SEO terms and conditions is the right option but before going deeper into it we would be discussing how does search engine indexes or ranks our blog to attract traffic organically on to our blog so for this, we need to understand:

  • What basic SEO is?
  • How to Get Traffic?
  • What are the types of SEO Techniques?
  • Why go with White Hat SEO technique?
  • 20 Tips on how to make your blog rank higher on Google & Conclusion.

What basic SEO is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

A process to follow the given parameters of a Search engine to rank anything on Search engine result pages.

It could be an app, a website, a social media page or any local business, etc.

This is called Optimizing according to its Search Engine.

In very simple words it’s also known as the manipulation of keywords and phrases, which is also a service given by different professionals or Digital agencies.

Basic SEO

It’s an internet algorithm marketing strategy, it considers how the search engine works what people are searching for what are the behaviors?

What is the intent of the user? Which keywords or phrases are the users looking for?

And according to this along with the different terms and conditions of ranking factors on a page and off the page the results are ranked up or lower in the search engine results.

How to Get Traffic?

Now, there are two ways to get traffic on to your website or blog one is to get through:

Organic traffic which is whenever a user on the internet makes a search query with any keyword or phrase related to your blog onto the search engine console bar and once the user clicks on your blog link amongst the relevant results shown, right after that the search engine redirects it to your blog or the website is called as organic traffic channel way

The second way is Inorganic traffic that is when a user goes through different pages or backlinks while surfing over the internet or reading which redirects to your blog or website is called the Inorganic traffic channel way.

Types of SEO Techniques

According to the researchers, three types of SEO techniques are being implemented which are given below:

a) White Hat SEO

Just like every game has its own rules and regulations and if you do play according to its rules and regulations you don’t get penalized while winning the game.

Therefore White Hat SEO is implementing practices according to the rules of the search engine as a result you would climb up the ladder getting ranked high in the result pages relevant to the keyword or phrase user is looking for.

It will give you more priority then your competitors, for example, writing content for human readers, etc.

b) Grey Hat SEO

Well, this type of practice is implemented to get minor benefits it’s in the middle of white hat and Black Hat SEO for example purchasing followers, etc.

c) Black Hat SEO

This type of techniques is implemented for short time boost up yes you would jump up the ranks for a short time.

But seriously it will make you cry the whole life in the long term as soon as the search engine recognizes, it will throw you down at the bottom.

In fact Google can penalize and blacklist you so that you can’t even look back at it so better avoid it just for the sake of short term boost up, for example, Doorway pages, etc.

Why go with White Hat SEO technique?

Okay so now at least you know that what are the types of SEO techniques and a few of their examples, Finally now it comes down why to choose SEO and which hat should I wear upon well the answer is SEO can either become an obstacle or help your website or blog success but it all depends on which hat you would like to wear

Black Hat SEO that brings you down to dissatisfying user experience, a loss of conversion leads or sales, site shutdowns, bounces less dwell time or potential fines and penalties.

While on the other hand choosing the powerhouse, becoming an authority among your competitors, higher visibility in searches, delivering relevant content, relevant backlinks, more conversion opportunities more click and sales resulting passive income.

Last but not least now let me break it down and make it easier for you to implement this SEO technique in your upcoming Blog for what you can thank me later on!

20 Tips on how to make your blog rank higher on Google

1) First of all, find keywords related to your Niche
2) Utilize long-tail keywords
3) Use the targeted keywords in contextual highlighted form
4) Make sure your blog is mobile friendly and responsive
5) Publish Long and well-researched Content
6) Keyword-rich page titles and metadata
7) Focuses on the human audience
8) Don’t use too many similar topic tags
9) Optimize images
10) Optimize videos
11) Increase dwell time
12) Reduce bounce rate
13) Lean code
14) simple website design navigation
15) Create Sitemap
16) Use short URL structures
17) Use Sky Scrapper Technique
18) Outreach people and Promote through Social media
19) Write Guest blogs to bring in quality Back-links and traffic
20) Refresh and keep updating your old content


I hope up till now you understood how SEO helps to rank your blog in Google works you can start working on it to boost up the rankings.

Even though the results of White Hat SEO takes time to start its magical work therefore you may have to wait for months to enjoy your hard work but it’s worth waiting in the long run.

Such as creating quality content for the users as SEO is all about users best experience which if implemented the right way can definitely create sustainable business growth and be all win-win outcome.